Things I Miss


Being without a smartphone. Truth be told, I only had a smart phone in 2015. I can’t say I became more unproductive or all the nega things we associate tech with. All I can say is that there was more sincerity in me and other people back then.

The after-school-slash-school paper duty walks in the heart of Colon at 10pm. And can I just say, those walks felt more safer for me than anywhere else on those times of night.

Chelsea Football team back when Terry, Lampard, and Drogba were still in the same side. Just because.

That swing at my grandparent’s house. It was my childhood’s official clubhouse with my cousins. Eventually, it became a shelter to my friends’ what-nots back in college, where conversations swung back and forth ’til the sun came up–still in our uniforms, in the middle of a school week.

The thrill of a notification after being offline for days, or weeks. The feeling of only getting to listen to your favorite song by happenstance on the radio, or MTV.

Saturday morning cartoons.

My mama’s snoring in the living room after a hard day’s work. My papa’s footsteps, even if he’s still outside–a house away. My sister’s complaints whenever I ask her annoying favors, and she does it anyway.

Reading thru the blog posts of these writers.

Writing for events. The Christmas tree lighting ceremonies this time of the year. All the PR folders and papers to which I loved collecting.

Creating notebooks. Specifically when I just made and gave them away because I liked to.

Us. Us is just not us when we’re not unsure, crazy and careless.

When responsibilities now were once just dreams. And coffee was more of a luxury than a necessity.

This. This space right here. The blog I left in hopes to start new. I’m a different person now since I last left a trail of thought here. Not necessarily better, just different.


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