Writing On Writing pt.1


It’s extra interesting to know people who have dreams and passions beyond, apart and/or different from their careers

I used to think that fusing both passion and career should be THE dream, but now do I begin to grasp that it isn’t always ideal to.

Being this so-called (self-confessed) passionate creative, sometimes it feels bland how I’m lucky enough to have it working for me.

Maybe because it’s the only thing I know, the only thing I’ve invested in, the only thing that’s working for me. And that’s not lucky at all.

At this point, I wish I have had different dreams – practical, life-saving, family-sustaining, stability assuring dreams.

The road to creative pursuits can sometimes (or most times) be a selfish path.

Currently, the world does not need more writers, or artists, or musicians. That is evident enough in this country with so little opportunities for such.

Even then, the struggle is always extra difficult – no set of external, standard metrics to success – no titles, nor numbers.

I wish I opted for skills that one can only actually learn from years of schooling. Because then I can always still write, draw or create things with my hands.

And I say, people with the opportunities to earn templated titles and skills are luckier, and should be able to dream bigger (or more).

To be able to feel needed useful – these are the things they could thrive on and be driven by. And I hope they don’t take that for granted.

This series of phrases / sentences originally appeared as a twitter thread. And hopefully be a thread of posts as I write my way through Writing – as a hobby, career, passion or escape.


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